David Culton

Chief Talent Officer. David brings his considerable talents in the areas of cultural dynamics, visual & verbal communication, and psychology to the world of innovation consulting. With a degree in psychology from Colgate University, David entered the fast-paced world of high-tech Public Relations in New York City. His adventurous spirit and cultural inquisitiveness soon called and he began an 8-year odyssey to learn more about the dynamic Asian culture.

David new headshotTeaching English to business executives by night, and studying with a master potter during the day, David explored the yin and yang of Kyoto, Japan. By the time he returned to the U.S., he was fluent in Japanese, and had become an accomplished potter and photographer.

David’s background in psychology, creativity and gift for communicating in new worlds has served him and his clients at Creative Realities well since 1997. David applies his unique cultural, communication and teaching skills as trainer, guide and advisor on a wide range of innovation programs. And his passion for demonstrating the many ways innovation can be applied across a broad spectrum of client challenges continues in his development of new client programs such as:

  • CRI’s Key Account Management Process, for transforming sales organizations from being individual order takers into cross-functional teams of account need specialists
  • Phoenix, which helps clients re-discover many of those potentially breakthrough ideas that may have been prematurely discarded or inadvertently lost in a real or mental file drawer.

For Reichhold, Dewar’s, Coldwell Banker and Unity Health Center his cultural change skills and creativity have been applied to innovation in such disciplines as Strategic Visioning and Marketing. And for Campbell Soup, BMC Software, Bacardi and USG his creativity has proven invaluable in New Product and New Service Development.

David is a member of AMI (Association of Managers of Innovation) and has been a guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School.

David also manages all of Creative Realities’ internet and intranet technologies. He is a unique resource, where high-tech meets high-touch.