Lisa Parker -- Senior Business Innovationist

Lisa's special talent for the Discovery phase of innovation helps her lead client teams on learning journeys that enable them to cast aside their existing mental paradigms. 



With her MBA from Duke's Fuqua School of Business, Lisa has been a practicing business innovationist for over 19 years.  Having started her career in sales and marketing in the CPG category, Lisa discovered her passion for new product development and innovation at Frito Lay while doing a turn in the New Products Marketing group at Frito’s headquarters in Plano, Texas.   Lisa specializes in helping turn marketplace insights and industry foresight into compelling strategic nuggets, which are the foundation of any innovation


My Passion

I love photography, travel, gardening, skiing, and finding the answers to the world’s trivial questions on Google!



Thoughts on Innovation

The foundation of any innovation are marketplace insights and industry foresight.  

"Lisa's psychology background with certifications in Myers Briggs  (MBTI) and Whole Brain Thinking (HBDI), give her special insights and understanding of the value of diversity from all levels in forming innovation teams."