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Catalysts for Collaborative Innovation


Dynamic Innovation

Not only have we been consulting and advising clients on innovation since 1988, we have helped design innovation resources within major client companies, and we have experience as clients, living in and leading internal innovation organizations.  Based on those various experiences with corporate innovation resources, we have developed our own philosophy and model.  This is not a prescription for an organization, rather, it is a discussion of the key factors for success, the key functions required and a bit of how they work and should interact.  We believe there is no "one size fits all" approach to organizational innovation.  Each resource must be designed to fit the culture and goals of the client.  However, there are some key principles, at the "30,000 foot" level, that when applied, greatly enhance your chances of success.  We outline those in this document, and update it every few years to keep it fresh and relevant to the constantly evolving world of business innovation.