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Catalysts for Collaborative Innovation


Innovation Self-Diagnostic

Innovation is not a "One Size Fits All" activity.  Great Innovation tools and processes that work very well in one organization, fail miserably when implemented in another.  Why?  Aren't "Best Practices" transferable?  Not necessarily.  While at a high level, many are, the fact is that different organizations have different cultural, historical, and behavioral dynamics.  They have different needs and different innovation agendas. To better understand what's working and what needs help, Creative Realities has designed an "Innovation Diagnostic" that we use to help us understand our clients before designing any innovation program for them.
We have simplified this assessment tool to allow all innovationists an opportunity to objectively look at their own organizations and to evaluate them against several of the "Critical Success Factors" for innovation.  This simple tool can be completed quickly and provide you with new insights into what's behind why innovation activities are performing the way they are in your environment.