Gayle Jay -- Senior Business Innovationist -- General Manager, U.S. West Coast

Gayle has devoted her career to leading, inspiring and especially challenging executives, board members (and sometimes kids!) to consider creative and different paths in order to find growth or accomplish corporate goals.



With her business degree from Portland State University, Gayle has an innate ability to relate to all types of individuals, levels and cultures, most likely due to a childhood of constant moves and career assignments working throughout Europe, all over Asia, including Russia. After senior leadership roles with IdeaScope and as a Principle with Stratovation Associates, Gayle brought her considerable innovation and international business consulting experience to Creative Realities.


My Passion

I love to contribute my spare time to working with Boards of nonprofit organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and am passionate about volunteering to aid abused and neglected children.


Thoughts on Innovation

Everything has to end with clear and actionable results to grow or we have simply exercised some fun.

“Gayle does not let you off the hook, and her boundless energy, drive and integrity are unmatched."