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Is Brainstorming Broken?

Posted by Creative Realities on June 7, 2011

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Communication Strategy: Open-Ended Questions, Beware! (Part 1)

Posted by Creative Realities on May 20, 2011

Here’s today’s proposition: There are times in working and personal situations where open-ended (unsupported) questions can unintentionally sabotage and seriously derail the communication.

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Top 10 Innovation Tweets from April 2011

Posted by Creative Realities on May 18, 2011

In case you missed them, here are our picks for the Top 10 Tweets for the month of April (a slight twist on Top 10 Retweets, but isn't that what innovation is about, change?)

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Creative Problem Solving Lessons From "Old School"

Posted by Creative Realities on May 12, 2011

Flipping through the channels over the weekend, I came across one of my favorite movies of all time: Old School. Like the subject of this clever Onion article, I ended up neglecting my plans and re-watching this comedy classic in its entirety. I saw the movie from a whole new perspective, a business innovation perspective. The movie is fundamentally about a group of guys implementing a seemingly absurd idea that breaks the mold. They are creative problem solving geniuses.  Believe it or not, this comedy can teach us all a few things about business opportunities, innovation initiatives, and creative problem solving skills. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from this hilarious movie and the serious insights they contain.

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Excursions - A Mental Flight of Fancy

Posted by Creative Realities on May 3, 2011

During a brainstorming session, we have a technique to help the group generate fresh, novel ideas, which we call an excursion. It is a deliberate step away from the task to help gain a fresh perspective, like “sleeping on the problem.” [See Chris Dolan’s post on Relaxed Concentration here] An excursion is flexible; it can be run at several points during a creative problem-solving session, but is particularly powerful at the Wishing, Ways & Means, and Overcoming How-Tos steps in the process.

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How Innovative is Your Culture?

Posted by Creative Realities on April 26, 2011

Is your organization built for innovation? Does your company culture foster creativity and collaboration? Have you established a sound innovation strategy? How do you know? Just as defining "innovation" requires an agreed upon language, the pursuit of innovation can seem like an abstract, messy endeavor without some established yardsticks to determine how you are doing. Part of the challenge is simply knowing which questions to ask.

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TOP 10 Innovation Retweets from March 2011

Posted by Creative Realities on April 22, 2011

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Innovation. The worst failure of all is wasting a failure

Posted by Creative Realities on April 20, 2011

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Corporate Innovation Groups: Innovator's Paradise or Purgatory?

Posted by Creative Realities on April 14, 2011

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2011 TED Prize Winner: JR

Posted by Creative Realities on April 14, 2011

I was recently browsing a friend's Web site and came across a video he posted, highlighting the awe-inspiring work of this year's TED prize winner: JR.

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