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Lucia lopez - Business Innovationist

Lucia brings her experience based on research and understanding people to strengthen the innovation process.

Our business background


With her bachelor in Marketing from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Lucia began her career in Marketing in different CPG companies such as BAT, Wrigley, AlEn, among others where she developed strong skills of consumer insights and market trends.

Her curiosity has led her explore different fields and industries always focusing on understanding people's needs through research and now using it as a foundation for business opportunities and innovation.


My Passion

I love painting, gardening and plants especially succulents.

Traveling is another passion I have, in which I enjoy every minute of it from beginning to end.

Our Innovation belief

Thoughts on Innovation

Understand and create value based on people needs, going a little bit further to deliver new ways of doing things.

Never give up.

"Lucia's experience in business brings a special level of understanding to client needs and opportunities that allows her to 'connect the dots' with what the People They Serve are really thinking and feeling to drive strong, relevant innovation."