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Creative Realities, inc. is an innovation management consulting firm. We specialize in creating profitable growth by unleashing the full potential of an organization to:

  • Create pre-emptive new products and services
  • Identify fertile & extendable new platforms
  • Extend competencies into low-investment, non-cannibalizing new market adjacencies
  • Revitalize and reposition existing, sometimes tired lines of business and brands
  • Improve profitability by streamlining operating processes that have become inefficient patchworks over the years
  • Reinvent business models for existing businesses
  • Create new business models for new, innovative value propositions
  • Cut costs without cutting heads
  • Become cultures of innovation by improving the organization’s will to embrace change

Since our founding in 1988 we have worked with hundreds of clients in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries.

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