It's our job to unleash the innovator in YOU!

We are Catalysts of Collaborative Innovation.  We are here to help you be successful innovators... to Learn and to Think in new, more powerful ways -- while you DO (make it real)!  We define Business Innovation as the process of envisioning, creating, and successfully implementing new ways of doing anything that generates value for an enterprise and its customers.  It's not just about new products and services.  

A few of our recent and current clients from the over 50 clients we have helped since 1988

We’ve now worked together in business, academia and community healthcare, and in every situation CRI has customized just the right program. A major key in their success is their ability to engage people in the process, so that everyone has a passion for implementing what they helped to create. Another key is their ability to lead an organization through a process to help them “break out of the box” in their strategic visioning."  Kathy Laster, VP - AT&T Consumer Products, Chairperson Emeritus – Unity Health Center Board of Directors"