Jay Terwilliger, CEO, Innovation

Jay Terwilliger -- President & CEO

Jay's passion for creating enduring value through innovation drives him to help clients envision the future and innovate in meaningful ways that will drive new growth by addressing real and emerging unmet needs.

Our business background


After 20 years in the advertising business, Jay had a "Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious"… he loves creating new things more than he likes creating advertising. There’s something more challenging, more enduring and a whole lot more rewarding about creating businesses, strategies and products for tomorrow and beyond.


My Passion

Next to my family and innovation, I love reading, photography, playing the guitar and seeking answers to a continuing stream of interesting questions.

Our Innovation belief

Thoughts on Innovation

You get what you play for.  To succeed in innovation you must have clarity of vision, a passion to achieve it, and the guts to fail along the road to success.  

"Jay brings a deep knowledge of, and passion for, the innovation process. He and his team have been great partners for both broad ideation and focused problem solving. He provides guidance presenting results in context to executive leadership and company culture.