Sarah Feloney -- Senior Business Innovationist

Born of a family of entrepreneurs, Sarah's natural business savvy combines with her innovation expertise to offer clients an innovation experience focused on creating new value for the business.



After receiving her degree from Union College, Sarah began her career in the non-profit sector working for the Boston Public Health Commission AIDS program. She also has had the opportunity to provide international relief to disadvantaged communities in Thailand, Western Samoa and Kenya. As a Senior Business Innovationist, Sarah works with clients to help them solve their toughest problems and identify opportunities for growth.


My Passion

Beyond innovation, my passions are my close-knit family, leaving the world a better place, and, not surprisingly, international travel.


Thoughts on Innovation

"The inspiration part of innovation involves looking at things through a different lens to find new perspectives"

"Sarah's attention to detail and extraordinary listening skills, combined with her innovation expertise keep teams focused on the goal."