Tamara Wickramasinghe -- Vice President of Everything Else

While trained as a Business Innovationist, Tamara's primary responsibility is to be the glue that holds our group together, managing operations and finance for Creative Realities.



With an Engineering degree from Union College, Tamara has spent over 19 years in  professional service firms.  During the first couple of years her primary responsibilities  for CRI were managing the Company's Finances and Operations. But her intuition, her organizational skills, and her passion for important things like social media and managing so many disparate and critical pieces of what we do have earned her the appropriate title of Vice President of Everything Else


My Passion

When I'm not spending time with my husband and children my passions include dance, yoga, and exploring destinations.


Thoughts on Innovation

"Innovation requires 'ambidextrous' management.  You have to balance both existing business needs with stimulating future growth."

" Tamara's no-nonsense, factual view of the business keeps our feet on the ground even when our heads are in the proverbial innovation clouds."