Sardel Ardila -- General Manager, Latin America

Sardel brings her consumer goods experience and deep knowledge in emerging markets to clients of Creative Realities



Sardel joined Creative Realities after working for 9 years in consumer goods companies such as L’Oréal and Colgate Palmolive for Latin America, where she developed and successfully launched products that brought significant growth to the businesses she managed.  She received her bachelor in Marketing from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico City. Her singular mixture of business experience and human passion makes her a unique resource to Creative Realities.


My Passion

In parallel to the business world, I am passionate about human potential and people. I have spent the last several years studying and immersing myself in the world of human development.  I blog and pursue this passion in my spare time through my I am human website and activities.


Thoughts on Innovation

Ultimately successful innovation is about creating meaningful and relevant value for people -- it is about making their lives easier and better.

“Sardel combines her incredible innovation talents and special cultural insights to help Latin American clients create powerful innovation"