As Catalysts of Collaborative Innovation, one of our key and unique value propositions for our clients is our ability to stretch their thinking by bringing in outside thinkers to collaborate with them in new and powerful ways.


Experts and Visionary Thought Leaders

From Astronauts to Maestros to Cultural Anthropologists, there is a world of thinkers out there that see the world through very different lenses. We work with experts across a wide variety of industries including visionaries that not only spot future trends, but also the disruptive forces that will break the paradigms.  Your team has expertise in your industry and your brands... but this is often a very narrow perspective.  Outside expert collaborators dramatically expand your view of what is coming and the opportunities the future will open for you.  Our "Future Pull" program, our "Thought Leader Panels" and our "ExperTease" workshops are just some of the ways we create collaborate environments engaging outside thinkers with your team to find new opportunities.  (Click here to see a sample list)


Naive Creatives

Very often, our greatest strength, our expertise, is also our biggest weakness for true innovation.  We know too much... and so often don't see our world with fresh eyes, challenging our assumptions and opening up new thinking.  Like the 80 year old grandmother that helped scientists from Bell Labs and Sandia create 25 new patents in one day.  Sometimes, being naive, not knowing the "rules" of your world is the easiest way to break the paradigms and create newness.  We bring Naive Creatives in to your projects to help you think differently and expand your view of what could really "breakthrough" in your industry.



"It can't be done!" is really only a statement of "I don't know how to do it."  Scientists and technologists from outside your company and your industry are often developing new science, new materials and have new ways to solve problems our own experts are too focused on our business to see.  In special sessions called "TechMax", we bring in outside technologists from a range of specialties to introduce new science, new techniques, new materials, and to collaborate with your technologists in solving the problems that "can't be done."

"Working with Creative Realities changed my perspective about what real innovation is. Innovation is collaboration.”