David Culton - Senior Business Innovationist

David brings his considerable talents in the areas of cultural dynamics, visual & verbal communication, and psychology to the world of innovation consulting.



With a degree in psychology from Colgate University, David's background in psychology, creativity and gift for communicating in new worlds has served him and his clients at Creative Realities well since 1997. David applies his unique cultural, communication and teaching skills as trainer, guide and advisor on a wide range of innovation programs. His passion for demonstrating the many ways innovation can be applied across a broad spectrum of client challenges stretches clients to think beyond the obvious.



My Passion

My fire gets lit about finding magic and wonder in the world and sharing it with others. In the Innovation context, this manifests itself in helping clients to see and create new things they could never have imagined before, often with a few laughs along the way. When not 'working’, I explore this passion through a cappella singing, cooking, performing magic shows and taking, exhibiting and running workshops on night photography.


Thoughts on Innovation

The magic of innovation is not in the creation of new ideas... which are a "dime a dozen". The real magic of innovation is in making those ideas real.

"David is an excellent leader and great springboard for innovation. Personable and energetic while adding real value to our innovation process.”