Karla Cid -- Business Innovationist 

A trained biologist, Karla, brings a strong sense of entrepreneurship to her approach to helping clients think like a start-up



With a degree in biology from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Karla began her career in the Pharmaceutical world with Roche Pharmaceutical Company. The pull of entrepreneurship first enticed her away from the large corporate environment to open her own apparel and jewelry line.  Keeping the jewelry business, her experience led her to Creative Realities where she seeks to help large company resources think more entrepreneurially in their quest for innovation.


My Passion

When I'm not spending time with my family I love to be in contact with nature. Going for a walk to a botanical garden is one of my favorite activities, I love plants and watching them inspires and relaxes me. Yoga is another passion I have, I enjoy practicing it and trying to live my life with as many possible principles this discipline provides. Learning is vital for me, so any activity that generates knowledge and inspiration is always welcome!



Thoughts on Innovation

"Think like a startup:  Look for ideas everywhere, be decisive, be prepared to fail, learn and start again."


"Karla’s avid attention to details, allows her to focus on the smallest things, that in the long run are game changers.”