Patented Solutions

Leveraging patentable technologies for competitive leadership. 


Client Challenge



To develop new products and services that leverage patentable technologies for competitive leadership and insulation.
Pitney Bowes leveraged our CoLab™ process to uncover new customer insights, and our TechMax™ process to engage science and technology experts to develop new, patentable technologies to address those insights.
Our work is credited with over 200 new patents supporting a wide range of products and services in the Pitney Bowes portfolio.

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"We’ve now worked together in business, academia and community healthcare, and in every situation CRI has customized just the right program. A major key in their success is their ability to engage people in the process, so that everyone has a passion for implementing what they helped to create. Another key is their ability to lead an organization through a process to help them “break out of the box” in their strategic visioning."  Kathy Laster, VP - AT&T Consumer Products, Chairperson Emeritus – Unity Health Center Board of Directors