Decades of New Products, New Trademarks and
Brand Revitalization with Bacardi 

Innovation that creates new value for a company and its consumers with products that lead and excite, new business models and revitalizing brands to bring in new consumers.


Client Challenge



A founding client with Creative Realities, Bacardi's ongoing challenges have included the pursuit of new products, new trademarks, and the revival of existing brands that have created significant organic growth for the company.
In Bacardi’s case, it’s not a matter of a single collaborative breakthrough. Working with CRI for almost two decades, there have been many innovations resulting in a continuous stream of new value creation.
A brief sampling of the new "Realities":
- Bacardi Frozen Tropical Mixers were not only a new product line, they involved a entirely new business model for Bacardi, partnering with Coke Foods who has the expertise in frozen foods and distribution.  
- Bacardi Limon™, the first citrus-flavored rum, helped launch the flavored spirits craze   
- The re-launch of the newly acquired Dewar’s brand (late 1990s), and creation of Dewar’s 12

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"CRI's ability to add value to the whole innovation process, from strategy to implementation, is second to none." -- Alfredo "Freddy" Piedra -- former President Bacardi Innovations and Bacardi Global Brands