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New Business Model Innovation that changes the game

While new products and services are the typical area for Innovation, in today's world, new business models create the real breakthrough leaps in value.


Client Challenge



With the end of the "blockbuster" drug era, the Pharmaceutical industry was undergoing a complete restructuring to find ways to succeed in a world of smaller, niche drugs.  Pharmaceutical companies were "virtualizing", outsourcing most research, clinical development and manufacturing, focusing instead on marketing and distribution.
Our challenge was to create a new business model to address the changing needs of EMD Millipore's (now MilliporeSigma) customers.
A "Future Pull" program with CRI clarified the emeerging problem, the Value Proposition and the vision for the future.  With these insights, EMD Millipore engaged with CRI for a "crash" Business Model and Vision program that outlined the vision, the business model, the case for action, size of the prize and initial business plan.
MilliporeSigma’s “BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions” business was launched as “ProVantage Solutions” in 2012 in Martlac, France, cutting drug molecule development time in half.  The business has continued to expand, including in the US since.

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"CRI brings a radical departure from status quo thinking and extrapolation planning. Your assumption that you are still a relevant company for your customers in 10 years will be challenged...and you should welcome that. Creative Realities has designed a mind-bending and challenging process that will make you think and act differently." -- Martin Madaus, Chairman and CEO at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, formerly client CEO, EMD Millipore