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Innovative thinking is both a skill and a talent.  Even the most talented can benefit from some outside stimulation from time to time.


Client Challenge



- Create exciting, new family restaurant concepts for the Disney/MGM Studio
- Create an incentive system to motivate Epcot World Showcase guests to visit more of the gift shops in the individual country pavilions
- Create a motivating Cast (employees) Recognition System
"Vanishing Americana" holds enduring value to every generation.  While drive-in movies and drive-in restaurants may no longer be in every town, every guest at Walt Disney World can still enjoy the experience.
Launched in the ‘90’s, Disney’s Sci-Fi Restaurant combined the concepts of the drive-in movie theater and the diner, a drive-in restaurant with roller-skating service staff, milk shakes and burgers, served to the family in their “car” while watching snippets from classic, old, grade-B science fiction movies on an “outdoor” screen. It continues to win the hearts of families and earn awards like Disney Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Disney-MGM Studios Restaurant for Kids, and continues to earn TripAdvisor's "Certificate of Excellence."

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"In 1989 we reviewed innovation resources and selected CRI to help us on a project to invent new restaurant concepts. The result was a unique restaurant that is still winning awards over 20 years later. We continued to work with them on a range of diverse projects. They led our teams through a variety of customized creative processes that pushed us to do our best work. They understood our company and its culture and that was critical to our success in being more innovative in everything we do."
 -- Gordon Roe, Walt Disney World