Setting New Foodservice Standards with Rich Products 

How stretch thinking, even ideas that seem absurd at the time, can create major new platform innovation.


Client Challenge



To reinvigorate and create breakthrough growth in a mature category where our client was already the leader.
Traditional dessert toppings were labor intensive, messy and inconsistent. Rich’s needed a faster, simpler, cleaner way to make whipped topping. During a creativity session in Rich’s innovation process a group exercise in movie imagery led one participant to link a scene from the movie 
Animal House. It drove a wish for “a bagged whipped cream that looks like a ‘zit.’  While initially absurd, it led to a breakthrough package design, where Rich's whipped topping packages would be in the form of pastry bags, ready for pastry chefs to just open and decorate with no mess, no fuss.
Rich's On Top line of non-dairy whipped toppings doubled prior sales in the first year of introduction. It formed the basis for a new packaging platform that now has several flavors and has added savory patés that that have expanded the business into new market opportunities.

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