Advanced Facilitator Training 

Focused on enhanced planning, design and implementation for real "clients" with real opportunities. 







Building upon the skills learned in Basic Facilitation Training, this training adds skills on enhanced planning, coaching clients, and additional session tools for more effective small team collaborations.
Candidates must have completed Basic Facilitation Training.  This 4 day session involves 4-5 trainees, plus two real client team sessions (mornings of days 2 & 3) involving 4-5 internal or probono clients with a real goal (ideation or problem-solving) to achieve.  This training is not just teaching and practicing.  It is filled with opportunities for the trainees to ask questions and obtain coaching based on their own experiences, concerns and observations.
More than trained facilitators, your advanced facilitators will have the skills they need to help internal "clients" better plan their team interactions, clarify goals, get the right people in the room, and when in the room stretch them beyond the easy answers to more breakthrough thinking. 
While facilitation can make any group collaboration more effective, better preplanning makes them much more powerful by having clear goals, anticipating needs, and adding stretch-thinking activities.