Basic Facilitator Training

Great facilitation gets the most out of a team and makes it look easy. 







To provide new facilitators with the basic process, tools and skills they need to effectively lead small group brainstorming and problem-solving sessions.
No prerequiste training required.  This is an intensive training program for 4-5 people, over 3-4 days. During this training, you will learn the 11-step basic brainstorming process, key insights behind group dynamics, and some basic tools for successful collaboration.  This is a hands-on experience combining teaching with doing.  Each participant will put their learning to use in facilitating small sessions, be video-taped and provided with constructive coaching for improvement.
Your company will have a cadre of internal facilitators to make small team meetings much more productive.  Each member of this team will leave prepared to facilitate small (4-8 person) group brainstorming and problem-solving workshops, working in teams of two, to find new solutions to opportunities within your company.  A certificate is provided.  Graduates are qualified to take Creative Realities Advanced Facilitator Training if desired.
Small, real-time brainstorming and problem-solving collaborations are at the heart of an innovative culture.  But they don't succeed when someone merely stands up and says "whose got an idea"?