Business Modeling 

Quick... name the most innovative, biggest growth companies of the last 10 years.  Now, think what drove that... products & services, or new business models?







Most existing companies with innovation growth initiatives still try to pump their new ideas through their existing business model.  Clearly it is less expensive, requires less investment and they know how to do that.  But the world has changed. Companies that don't explore and develop new business models to deliver the real Value Proposition in today's world are unable to extract the full value of their innovation.  Our business model approach is intended to train innovators and executives on what is involved, how to think about it, how to create, deliver and capture the full value of their innovation efforts to grow the company. 
This 2-day course is designed for groups of 10-12.  In it you will learn the basic building blocks of a Business Model; how to "think in 3 dimensions"; the Value Proposition core to the model; Business Model Mapping to determine the best way to deliver that value; and the basics of capturing or monetizing that Value Proposition. The training includes the key elements, short case examples, and small team practice/working with each element.  Participants will learn how to use a Business Model Canvas and Business Model Mapping to visualize and make decisions to optimize their model.
A new appreciation for the power of the business model, an understanding of the key elements involved, and a passion for thinking in the 3 dimensions of business model innovation for all your major new innovation initiatives.
Creative Realities has been helping companies create new growth and value with new business models since 2002... long before the term gained traction in the world of innovation.  Our process has been applied in a variety of industry segments including  financial, life sciences, packaged goods, building supply, energy and more.