Business Model Mapping

Maximizing value by creating new business models or reimagining existing ones. 







There are 3 primary purposes to use Business Model Mapping, all about maximizing value: 1. To understand how a product or service concept becomes a business, 2. To extract maximum value from an existing business in today's world, 3. To understand how a new process within an organization would operate, again mazimizing its value.   
Starting with a target "consumer" and a Value Proposition, we work backwards, mapping each major element of the value chain from generating initial awareness, through the Go-To-Market process; Channels; Distribution; Manufacturing; Supply Chain and Operations.  The final map is a schematic of the business indicating all key resources, the transactions between each, and the key areas of Value to be owned, licensed, partnered, etc.
The basic bones of a Business Plan, optimized in today's world, to deliver your Value Proposition in the most effective and efficient manner.
The biggest growth opportunities in today's world are not in the products or services, but in new business models that create new Value around a product or service portfolio.