Concept Writing
So how were your last Concept Test numbers?







For many organizations, new ideas go no where until they pass some form of concept test.  Yet the concepts tested are not the ideas, just expressions of the ideas.  Too many great ideas go to concept testing to die because too many concepts are poor communications of the Value Proposition.  Creative Realities Concept Writing Training helps you understand and leverage the key building blocks that give your innovative ideas their proper "day in court."
After over 25 years in the innovation business, Creative Realities has learned what it takes to properly communicate your big idea.  This 2-day session is designed for up to 6-12 people at a time.  It is hands on, introducing you to the 3-step process for getting to winning concepts; and the 7 key concept structural elements for optimal communication.  Each step & each element is first explained, then practiced.  Over the 2 days you will build winning concepts for training ideas, and finally teams will create real concepts based on ideas from your innovation process.
More powerful concept expressions of your BIG ideas.  Proof: Over 30% of concepts created by our last class passed their BASES hurdles on the first try... including one that set a new high score, well into the 90's for the company.
Concept testing is a necessary, but troubling part of any innovation process.  Necessary because you need to be sure you have created value for your target.  Troubling because so often ideas you know are good and based on solid market needs, die because they were not communicated well.  Don't let your great ideas die because you don't know how to express them.