The best way to learn from your customers and consumers is not from behind a mirror. 







To get to real insights, you have to develop empathy with your consumers or customers.  To do that, you have to engage in a real dialogue with them.  CoLabs™ is a proprietary tool to uncover meaningful, leveragable insights and a deeper understanding of your customers or consumers.
3-4 hour qualitative dialogues with target consumers are facilitated by Creative Realities, but with both clients and consumers in the same room.  Using a variety of innovation techniques, we get beyond the surface answers and well beyond simple "love it/hate it" responses to understand how to make your ideas and concepts the strongest they can be.  We then debrief the entire team after each CoLab™.
Your team is engaged with consumers, leaving with a deeper sense of understanding.  The longer time allows for richer exploration of the "whys" behind their thinking.  Because we debrief at the end of each session, you don't have to wait weeks for a report, you have your insights before you leave the location.
"They demonstrated an uncanny ability to have very open discussions with customers... and then finding the Value Proposition" -- Kevin Malchoff, Executive VP, Global Business Development, Rich Products Corporation