Creative Thinking Skills

If you think creativity is a natural talent that only some lucky people have... think again! 







While creativity is not innovation, creative thinking is an essential building block.  Creative Thinking is not only a talent, it is a skill that is trainable.  This training workshop will enhance the natural talents and confidence of anyone... making natural talents more effective, and raising their abilities to be more effective, productive, innovative thinkers on their own and as part of a collaborative team effort.
There is no prerequisite for this course.  This 2-day session is designed for up to 15 people at a time.  It is hands on, with theory and tools for creative thinking interspersed with interactive practice.  You learn by doing.  On the first day you will learn key skills like Approximate Thinking; Connection-Making; Mind-Mapping; and Developmental Thinking.  Day 2 adds helpful tools like: Displayed Thinking, Nugget Development; and Empathy Mapping.  Each skill and tool is introduced, discussed and practiced, with coaching by our experts all along the way.
By the end of the session, introverts, extroverts, ideators and problem-solvers will find they are no longer anxious about having a challenge and a blank piece of paper.  They will know how to "jump-start" their own creativity, to find stimulus all around them, and how to work together more collaboratively, building on each other's ideas.
Everyone has challenges in their daily lives, personal or professional, that could use a little fresh, creative thinking.  A little bit of training will unleash your power to think creatively whenever you need to.