Innovation Diagnostic

Does your culture of innovation align with and support your Innovation Agenda?







Innovation does not succeed on a "wish and a prayer."  Our Innovation Diagnostic evaluates your culture and approach to innovation based on Innovation's Critical Success Factors.  By understanding what's working and what is not, you are able to make adjustments to either your Culture and Approach, or the Goals you have seek to achieve.  
Using a combination of confidential one-on-one interviews and an internet survey, we interview key stakeholders from a wide range of functions, levels and degrees of involvement with the company's innovation efforts -- from the C-Suite to the implementation team and all stakeholders in-between.  We seek to understand how the efforts are seen by the people that sponsor, that lead and that do innovation everyday.  We use our "Innovation's Critical Success Factors" as a topical guide for investigation and evaluation.  We rate the effort on a scale of 1-5 for each Factor, and provide qualitative commentary about what's working and what's not.  Finally, we provide suggestions for actions that to improve, and/or use the insights to design an innovation program that works effectively with the situation as it exists, while modeling tools and procedures that will lead to long-term innovation culture improvement.
An objective, informed assessment of your culture and approach to innovation: a) allows you to determine how best to align your approach to your Innovation Agenda, b) provides you with a scorecard against the Critical Success Factors to for assessment of progress over time and c) critical input is obtained that allows us to design a program that actually fits and leverages your unique situation.
Over 80% of innovation failures are directly associated with misalignment of the internal goals and activities of a company's innovation resources.