Innovation Scouting Skills

To be innovative, you have to get out into the world and understand what's going on around you. 







Inconvenient Truth: Most business people do not set aside time to get out and look at the world around them for clues to help them stay ahead.  And when they do go to a trade show, or a site visit or have a real opportunity to explore something new, they don't know how to be effective scouts.  Innovation Scout Training is designed to help innovators be better explorers, observers, listeners and learners -- and then to leverage that learning in their jobs as innovators.
This is for 12-16 people.  It is 1 day for the basics or 2-days for the enhanced version. The basic training is around 10 keys to effective scouting. The enhanced version includes an outside, environmental "Trend Safari" learning experience designed for your goals with "feet on the street" exploration and information gathering followed by team sharing of learning and the experience.
Your team will have an enhanced understanding of what scouting means.  Armed with tools, tips and techniques, they will be ready to be more effective "radar dishes" of the world around them for new insights to drive strategic innovation efforts.
Innovators can't just walk through life, they have to learn how to stop, look and listen, think about what they are experiencing, and find the insight "nuggets" that will allow them to be true leaders of innovation.