Outside Expertise

Change occurs at the edges where external forces meet your world... our Thought Leader Panels, ExperTease™ and TechMax™ bring External Perspectives and Expertise to your challenge.







Great innovators seldom get that way by talking to themselves.  They actively seek out other perspectives, broader views, trends and technologies outside their view that will change their world.  Our Thought Leader Panels, ExperTease™ and TechMax™ bring outside perspectives in to work with your team, expanding their sense of the possibilities for innovation.  
As we design your innovation programs, we look for gaps in your knowledge, expertise or thinking that outside perspectives and expertise would enhance.  We recruit external thinkers for either their necessary and relevant expertise, or their naivete about your business.  We coach them to be both provocative and informative.  Then we introduce them to your team and process in a collaborative, engaging manner, where they share their knowledge and collaborate with your team about implications and possibilities for you.
Your innovation moves from incremental to breakthrough as your team's minds are opened up not only to new areas of opportunity, but new ideas, and new ways of making things possible they never even considered before.
Working with outside experts opened up a world of possibilities we never even new existed.