Mining prior innovation investments for powerful ideas whose time has come






"That was then... this is now."  Companies spend millions of dollars every year researching markets, and brainstorming new ideas.  Any idea, even breakthrough ideas that don't meet the criteria of the day are left "on the cutting room floor."
Phoenix was designed leverage the investments you have already made in innovation by mining ideas from prior efforts with today's criteria to find powerful existing ideas whose time has come.
With your team, we review your existing idea bank: notes from prior ideation sessions, concepts already written, concepts tested in the past, ideas and concepts developed in other parts of your global network, etc.  We review them in today's world, against today's criteria to identify those that have real potential today.  Then we adjust and refine them and turn them into a portfolio of testable concepts for today.
1. You have a new porfolio of ideas ready to go with miminal new investment in time or resources.  
2. These ideas leverage prior investments you have already made in consumer, market and technological research.  
3. This frees up time and money to explore new opportunity spaces you may not normally have been able to afford.
"We found three new global platform-level ideas that already existed within our system, that were nearly ready-to-go, have tuned them up, tested them, and are rolling them out globally in less than half our normal development time."