C2AMP Training

Moving from "Tellers & Sellers" to Strategic Engagement with Customers







Collaborative Customer Asset Management Program to help sales organizations realize greater growth and stronger relationships by learning how to be collaborative innovation partners with their key customers.
C2AMP is a customized highly experiential process of transformation to more collaborative, strategic partner relationships. It focuses on the teaching and practicing of new skills that help create a culture of collaborative innovation to reach common growth goals. It is a sales-led process that engages an unusually broad array of cross-functional, internal resources in field visits, strategic summits and program development that create customer loyalty by helping them achieve their business objectives.
Your company will have a deeper business partnership with your most important customer assets.
  • Internally, silos are broken down providing more customer-centric, collaborative teamwork that leads to more breakthrough thinking and programs.
  • Identification of competitively pre-emptive program opportunities that anticipate individual customer needs, yet can be customized profitably (very few “1-offs”).
  • Valued adjunct benefits for customers that create what one, client calls “Barriers to Exit.”

“C2AMP is a visionary process for our 103 year old company. It is about developing a vivid description of the future, as defined by our key customers. This process has allowed us to develop an entirely new set of value propositions that we never knew were possible before.”

Rob Waterhouse, Senior Vice President of Sales, USG Corporation