Beware of the unanticipated competitive torpedo to the rusty side of your business plan!







One thing is for sure about innovation... "Fast Followers" and competitors are not going to sit back and let you take all the value from the market forever.  Eventually, every innovation, every business is subject to competitive attack. WarGames is designed to strengthen your innovation plan, launch plan or any existing business plan, by gaming the worst possible scenarios for attack. 
It begins with a "stolen" business plan -- yours. Your team is first divided into four "Attack" teams of "nightmare scenario" competitors, who review your plan, consider their competitive resources and prepare how and when they will "put you out of business."  Once identified, each threat is rated and evaluated.  Then your team become "Defenders of the Faith," and the four teams now innovate ways they could forestall, prevent, preempt or protect against any such attack.
Your team loses its corporate "arrogance" quickly.  A new appreciation of competitive forces emerges.  You see where your plan has potential weaknesses, and are presented with a range of options for strategy and plan changes to overcome or prevent them.  Now you are ready to launch. Click on the hat to download our  free brochure!

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WarGaming with Creative Realities presented us with some unwelcome and unanticipated threats to our business.  While we honestly believed they would never happen, we developed contingency plans anyway.  Six months later, our primary competitor launched the exact attack WarGames predicted.  Because we had anticipated it, we were able to counter it quickly, preventing any significant loss, and leap-frogging their mode of attack with a powerful plan that actually strengthened our position and grew our business.