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Carolina Arana -- Chief Business Strategy Officer, Latin America

Carolina brings over 20 years of successful, innovative leadership in both small and large consumer service and packaged goods businesses to clients of Creative Realities



Recognized by AdAge as one of Mexico's 14 most influential women in marketing, advertising and media, Carolina has over 20 years experience leading high-performance growth and innovation teams for companies like Procter & Gamble, Gerber and Kellogg's. Having worked in Europe, US and Latin America, she brings a critical market and cultural understanding to innovation strategy and execution in both developed and developing markets.  She has a deep understanding of the role of both brand strategy and consumer/cultural empathy in successful innovation.


My Passion

I'm passionate about challenging and stretching myself and the people around me.  Much of that passion I focus on my three children and the entrepreneurial family business my husband and I founded over 23 years ago -- swimming schools for aquatic child development.  Not surprisingly, we love many sports, starting with swimming, running, tennis, cycling and yoga which takes me beyond the physical.



Thoughts on Innovation

Innovation -- in any shope or form -- is the possibility of creating a new reality... your future, THE future... let's go for it!