Julia Shanks - Business Innovationist

Julia brings a broad range of professional experience to Creative Realities, from pilot to chef to serial entrepreneur. She combines the practicality of an accountant with the creativity of a chef.



A true "Renaissance Woman", Julia’s career started at the FAA as an aviation analyst and quickly took a turn into the culinary arts. She received her professional Chef training at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. While working as a professional chef, she earned her MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.  Julia has taught graduate and undergraduate accounting, and helped small companies create business plans to get the financing they needed for growth.  Food, business, and innovation skills all enrich her impact for Creative Realities clients.



My Passion

I'm I'm passionate about helping the next generation succeed.  As an Advisory Council Member for Future Chefs, we are preparing urban teens for quality work and life after high school by providing early employment and education opportunities in the restaurant industry



Thoughts on Innovation

“The skills of a chef apply to innovation – knowing the rules and when to break them; following a process while being flexible; and juggling many pans at once. When it’s done right, it’s like a dance and everyone’s having a ball.”

"Julia is a highly skilled chef and a smart, practical business person. She approaches innovation with energy and enthusiasm. Filled with great ideas and always interested in trying new things, her experiences in the kitchen and in the business world give her a broad and useful skillset"