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Catalysts for Collaborative Innovation

Our purpose is to stimulate and facilitate collaborative innovation that enables our clients to achieve goals they never thought were possible.

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The 3 Keys for Innovation

- The 5 Phase Innovation Model
- The 4 Uncontrollable Drivers of Innovation
- Innovation's Critical Success Factors

Our Philosophy

The magic of business innovation is not the generation of new ideas.  Ideas are a "dime a dozen."  The real magic of business innovation lies in engaging diverse internal and external perspectives in a replicable process to envision the future, identify new ways to create value, then successfully implementing those unique and meaningful solutions.

Our Approach

  1. Align Key Stakeholders around a "Vision" for the future and their Agenda for Innovation
  2. Engage a collaborative team of internal and external resources in Discovering the Key Drivers, Opportunity Spaces and Insights into unmet needs in that future
  3. Create innovative new ideas to build new value solutions for those needs
  4. Develop beginning Ideas into Platforms and Business Models to deliver that Value
  5. Execute with a "Launch & Learn" approach that engages stakeholders in the passionate pursuit of success in the marketplace
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"Creative Realities has designed a mind-bending and challenging process that will make you think and act differently"-- Martin Madaus, Former Chairman, President and CEO, Merck/MIllipore