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Posted by Creative Realities on April 4, 2011

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oh no monday morning. photograph by this girl.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and postulate that Monday mornings are the bane of the working (wo)man's existence. No matter how many cups of coffee you down, E-mail notifications you silence, or meetings you skip, there's just a heavy mood that permeates the planes, trains, and automobiles that brought us to work this morning -- with no reprieve in sight.

In an effort to try and fight the inevitable doldrums, I've written a little MadLib about Monday's and invite you to play. A couple of us here took turns filling in the blanks and actually got quite a laugh from some of the stories we'd created. While it may not be enough to carry you through to Friday, go several rounds with a few of your buddies and it'll be lunch time before you know it!

Instructions: Fill in the blank spaces below with words that match the word descriptions. Then read your story aloud as it matches with the corresponding number.

1.     Beverage ___________________

2.     Noun ___________________

3.     Adjective ___________________

4.     Noun ___________________

5.     Mode of Transportation ___________________

6.     Adjective ___________________

7.     Plural Noun ___________________

8.     Adjective ___________________

9.     Verb ___________________

10. Plural Noun ___________________

11. Part of Body ___________________

12. Verb –ing ___________________

13. Plural Noun ___________________

14. Noun ___________________

15. Adjective ___________________


Monday’s Meeting

It was a typical Monday morning – I just finished my cup of ________1 (cream and 2 packs of sugar) and was about to dig into my second donut of the morning when my _______2 notification buzzed: “Attention Marketing Department: Mandatory meeting at 11a today. Make sure to bring your _______3 caps!” “Oh great,” I thought, “another time-consuming _______4 where no one knows why they are there, ideas get shot down like gangbusters, and we leave with no real next steps.” To say I’ve become jaded is an understatement. When 11 rolled around, I took the _______5 up to the 22nd floor and was quick to see this wasn’t going to be what I had been dreading all morning. Toys, and pipe cleaners, and _______6 _______7 greeted me at the door. I found a seat closest to the windows, giving myself a quick _______8 strategy in case the meeting took a turn for the worst. “Business Innovationists”, as they referred to themselves, asked us to _______9  ideas as they related to our task of “Create a game-changing, billion-dollar new product that makes our _______10 happy ”.  The energy in the room was palpable, people’s _______11 shooting up; laughter erupting spontaneously; the respecting of bad ideas and problem-_______12 around them. My colleagues -thinkers, talkers, dreamers, doers - from _______13 company-wide working together was a thing of wonder and _______14. Needless to say, this was unlike any meeting I’ve ever been to. I left feeling _______15, with the words echoing in my head, “You get what you play for.”


Please share your stories with us in the Comments section below. Can't wait to read what you've come up with!

By Amanda Hines, Associate Business Innovationist, @amandaehines

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