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The Person Who Can Say “Yes” to Innovation Without Permission

Posted by Creative Realities on May 21, 2012

The over-arching truth about big innovation is this; “You Get What You PlayFor,” because the processes and tools for managing core businesses don’t work when the goal is to identify and successfully introduce ideas that don’t exist today; true innovations not incremental ones. So you get what you play for and it’s who gets to play that makes all the difference.

When executives create teams to pursue breakthrough innovation they typically push the work down to the operating levels, just like they do so successfully with their core businesses. That sounds eminently laudable – after all, they’re “empowering” a group of hands-on people. They think they are too busy to deal with innovation but there’s another reason for taking that approach: Leaders don’t want to get involved in big innovation. They are afraid of it because they haven’t experienced it or been schooled in managing it; and bosses don’t like being visibly vulnerable.

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Excursions - A Mental Flight of Fancy

Posted by Creative Realities on May 3, 2011

During a brainstorming session, we have a technique to help the group generate fresh, novel ideas, which we call an excursion. It is a deliberate step away from the task to help gain a fresh perspective, like “sleeping on the problem.” [See Chris Dolan’s post on Relaxed Concentration here] An excursion is flexible; it can be run at several points during a creative problem-solving session, but is particularly powerful at the Wishing, Ways & Means, and Overcoming How-Tos steps in the process.

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Happy April Fools' Day

Posted by Creative Realities on April 1, 2011

Here's a quote we would like to share with you on this one day of the year when we are all allowed to have some fun and be a little "foolish:"

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Innovation Lessons from Shirtless Dancing Guy

Posted by Creative Realities on January 25, 2011

Innovation is a collaborative effort.  In order for a flashy new idea to get off the ground and lead to successful busines growth, it needs to have sufficient support and air cover.  In Hillary Clinton's words "it takes a village."  Or in the case of this brilliant video, it takes a motley crew of hippies on a grassy field at a concert.     

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