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S(OME) Ideas are Worth Sharing

Posted by Creative Realities on March 7, 2011

A couple years back, my friend Bobby had made the connection of using the “power” of mood rings to help the parents of children with [but not limited to] Autism by indicating the child’s mood before a tantrum occurs, when an extra cuddle may be needed, or when they were simply in a great mood. He shared this idea with his family and friends, including fellow entrepreneurs, who unanimously shot his idea down [a.k.a. Bazooka!]. They all told him that he wasn’t being PC, it would be scoffed at by parents and the medical community alike, the 70’s were over and he needed to move on- and so forth. Feeling foolish (and a bit dejected), Bobby abandoned the idea and shifted his focus to other happenings in life.

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Topics: open-minded evaluation, Amanda Hines, ban the bazooka, Innovation, creative problem solving

Wake Up Your Creative Side: Skill #1 Approximate Thinking

Posted by Creative Realities on September 3, 2010

Skill #1: Approximate Thinking

Learning that you don't have to be right, right away.

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Topics: convergent thinking, divergent thinking, ban the bazooka, approximate thinking