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Visual Brainstorming

Posted by Creative Realities on December 22, 2010

In order to think differently, you must approach things differently! One of the many ways we do this at Creative Realities is by utilizing visual brainstorming techniques with our clients.  

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We use markers, pipe cleaners, computer software or almost anything to visualize a thought or idea. In addition to being very effective, visual brainstorming is also a lot of fun!

One of the most whimsical visual brainstorming tools we use in-session is an experienced visual illuminator. 

Harvey Ehrlich, who we have been working with for over a decade, not only brings graphic or iconic thinking to life, but also acts as a thought provocateur and pushes folks to stretch and think in different ways. 



He explains, “For me, working in innovation, which mainly exists in the world of speech, gives me the opportunity to bring to clients and corporations a visual world where feedback and wishes achieve a heightened sense of reality can see them.” 


Visual brainstorming not only enhances creativity, but also creates a unique energy. Even the most skeptical of clients have learned to embrace and value this practice. 


Posted by Sarah Feloney, Senior Business Innovationist,

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