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Innovation Lessons from Shirtless Dancing Guy

Posted by Creative Realities on January 25, 2011

Innovation is a collaborative effort.  In order for a flashy new idea to get off the ground and lead to successful busines growth, it needs to have sufficient support and air cover.  In Hillary Clinton's words "it takes a village."  Or in the case of this brilliant video, it takes a motley crew of hippies on a grassy field at a concert.     

I came across this video thanks to the folks at Idea Connection and they boil Derek Sivers commentary down to three key insights on starting a movement.  Yet there is at least one more valuable insight this video teaches us about innovation.

The Value of WildCards and Absurdity

When we work with clients, we always ask who the the Klingers are in the organization; the stretchy thinkers, the odd ducks, the ones who are "out there."  We ask, because we want them involved.  These WildCards are the ones with the courage to offer up an idea that seems so outrageous or unfeasible that most people would never let themselves utter in public, let alone in front of their colleagues and superiors.  The first guy dancing alone with his shirt off is putting himself out there without fear of looking stupid.  Before the first follower joins, he looks quite absurd out there by himself.  So absurd, someone has decided to film him.  Quite often, the WildCards do not have the knowledge, resources, or desire to implement their idea themselves but their idea sparks someone else to take it and run with it.  Once that second dancer jumps in, it's no longer just one guy with a crazy idea.  Now it's a team.  Once there is a team, the initiative can really take off.   

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