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Top 10 January Innovation Retweets

Posted by Creative Realities on February 15, 2011

Here are the best innovation-related articles I read in January and found worthy of sharing on Twitter.

1. An innovative way to recyle Four Loko now that the drink has been banned due to dumb and dangerous behavior.  My questions is: if kids starting using Four Loko as fuel, then go on to pour saw dust in their engines and drive off cliffs can we blame the four loko?

2. Creative ways to repurpose Kanye West's tweets Finally, New Yorker Cartoons that are actually funny!

3. Getting stuck on a complex problem at work? Take a vacation!  I've been advocating for the merits of this creative problem solving strategy since high school.

4. 10 Business Models that Rocked 2010 Some pretty brilliant, innovative models.

5. A entire life, explained by nueroscience's latest findings  Are we just a sum of our genes, evolved biases, and neuron wirings?

6. What the Army needs in order to stop the brain drain of talented officers: less bureaucracy, more innovation and entrepreneurial leadership

7. Why Obama should consider becoming "the Twitter President."  Perhaps it's time to innovate how the most powerful man in the world communicated with his constituents.

8. How targetting the worst patients could improve our healthcare system and dramatically reduce costs.  Brenner's technique of modelling "hot spots" after crime maps is a great example of innovating by "stealing" from analogous worlds.

9. 10 Basic Principles of Innovation Everyone Should Know.  Good stuff.

10. Want to read more?  Here are some valuable posts on a variety of innovation topics. Any good list of links should end with another list of links in case you want to continue to engage in endless surfing.  Isn't that what the internet is all about?

Compiled by Chris Dolan @theChrisDolan

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